Coaching Appointments

The Ocean Ridge Cricket Club is pleased to announce the appointment of Cliff Estall as Head Coach for season 2015/16.

Cliff is an experienced level 2 coach and brings structure and a fresh direction to the club.

The club would also like to announce the appointment of Alan Boyer as Assistant Coach to Cliff.

Alan will continue with the work that he started last year and also support and assist Cliff as needed.

Congratulations to Cliff and Alan. The Club looks forward to working with you and supporting you this season!

Further announcements to come regarding pre-season training.

Results of the AGM 14th May 2015

A special general meeting was held before the AGM regarding changes to the constitution. The motion involved a restructure of the current committee. The thought process behind this change was to create positions within the committee that focused on particular areas. In turn this would take pressure off the President ‘to do it all’ and provide a more defined structure and effectively create on field and off field management positions. The title of President was effectively removed and replaced with CEO whose key role is to run the administrative side of the club (off field). The role of DOCO was effectively removed and replaced with Operations Manager whose key role is to co-ordinate and manage the on field side of the club. These 2 positions will co chair the overall running of the club.

Other positions within the committee were modified to work with the new leadership group. Every committee person involved now has a defined role and set tasks within the organization.

This graph shows a breakdown of the new structure.

ORCC Structure

Congratulations to Brad Boyer who was appointed CEO at the AGM and Geoff Smith who was appointed Operations Manager.

All other committee positions can be found on the Committee page

If you would like more information on this change please contact us here

Member Details Update

Have you moved house or changed phone number or email address since the start of last season? If your answer is yes, then we probably don’t have your correct contact details. It is important that we have your correct details so that we are able to let you know when pre-season starts, and also so that when the season comes and captains are trying to fill sides they can call you!

Download the Member Update Form and fill it out and return it to us at:

New Website

Welcome to the new website!

A new committee means new ideas, and this year we have a focus on the website. We are going to be putting a lot more things on here during the year, photos from games and social events and news from around the club.

As always this should be your first port of call when trying to find something out about the club. We have links to MyCricket results and teams on the left, and all communications will be distributed here. You have the ability to post comments under each item, to ask questions or to add suggestions.

Remember that pre-season isn’t that far away! Nominations for captains will be announced here in the coming weeks so keep a look out if you have aspirations.

We hope you like the new look and look forward to your participation in the coming year!